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Financial Security

Newland Construction is a family owned business which was established in 1925, and has a consistent record of profitable and well managed trading.

The country has had a turbulent economic period due to Brexit, Covid 19 and various conflicts around the world, but clients can continue to have complete confidence in our ability to both fund & manage the financial aspects of all the projects awarded to us, particularly as :

  • We continue to operate with high cash balances
  • We have no operational overdrafts or borrowings
  • We own outright our vehicles, site offices/containers and up to date plant and equipment.
  • We have no pension deficits or other long term liabilities

Keeping consistently high cash balances supports our prompt payment policy, a key factor in realizing long lasting and trusting relationships with our subcontractors and suppliers.


Company Accountants

Our Accountants are:

29 The Green
Winchmore Hill
N21 1HS



Our Bankers are Barclays Bank with whom we have enjoyed an excellent working relationship for over 75 years

Barclays Bank plc
P O Box 294
Ground Floor, Building 2
Turnford Place

A distant relative of ours, Abraham Newland, worked at the Bank of England for 59 years and was Chief Cashier from 1778 – 1807.

During this role his name appeared on all notes and these notes were popularly known as “newlands”, a nickname which persisted long after they ceased to circulate. Born to William Newland, a miller & baker, he was one of 25 children !

He died shortly after retirement and departed this life with some style; led by two bank porters , the funeral was “ten persons deep mourning on horseback” and a plume of feathers, the hearse was followed by six mourning coaches, his private carriage and a number of gentlemen`s carriages. As the cortege passed the Royal exchange, business was temporarily suspended.