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Our Environment

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility we recognise that we have a major role to play in improving the quality of life in the areas in which we work, moving forward in partnership with employees, clients and agents.

We actively promote sustainable building products such as

- Recycled materials
- Ground and air source heat pumps
- Biomass boilers
- Rainwater harvesting tanks
- Green roofs
- Solar photovoltaics
- Solar collectors for hot water
- Wind turbines
- Eco swimming pools

Our policies and practices will be guided by the principles that development now should support the ability of future generations to meet their needs and that everyone should have access to a high quality environment. We commit to reasonable continuous improvement in all of our activities which have a significant impact on the environment.

We will:

  • Commit to planting at least 100 trees every year for the next ten years as carbon offset.
  • Replace our fleet of diesel cars with electric models
  • Use local suppliers and sub-contractors to minimise transport and its associated CO2 emissions.
  • Use Green Energy providers when installing new supplies, e.g.
  • Reduce the consumption of goods, materials, and energy, avoid waste, conserve, re-use or recycle resources as appropriate.
  • Aim to prevent or limit environmental accidents and to have contingency measures in place to minimise the effects if they do happen.
  • Train key staff and educate all our staff and our supply chain about their environmental responsibilities and our priorities and programmes.
  • Encourage all individuals, organisations and agencies over whom we have influence to adopt, wherever practicable, similar policies and practices.
  • Use the most environmentally responsible goods and services consistent with good performance and encourage all our contractors and suppliers to do the same.
  • Reduce the movement of goods and the need to travel and encourage and promote walking, cycling, vehicle sharing, improved and integrated public transport and the best practicable environmental forms of accessible transport.
  • Improve energy and water conservation and management in our buildings/building sites.
  • Continue to keep bees which are an essential link in the ecosystem (not to mention a source of lovely local honey)

To view our environmental and sustainability policy in full please click here.

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