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Past, Present & Future

Alec & Sidney Newland

The Company was founded by Alec & Sidney Newland in 1925. Situated in Wood Green their combined trades as Plumber and Carpenter allowed them to initially work for the Waterboard.

They employed approximately 25 men most of whom reached the site by motor-bike, using their sidecars to transport materials.

Having established themselves as Main Contractors they then diversified into property development. Many properties in Potters Bar and Brookmans Park were designed and built by Newland Brothers (see picture of Billy Lows Ad).

Keith & Trevor

Sidney's sons, Keith & Trevor, continued the family tradition by setting up an office and yard in 1961, at St Vincent's Way, Potters Bar.

Initial contracts included building sub-stations for the E.E.B. and small projects for the Local Authorities. They then expanded to undertake works of greater cost and diversity.

Paul & Andrew

The third generation of Newlands joined the business in 1989.

With the retirement of Keith and Trevor in 1997 Paul and Andrew are now firmly ensconced in Newland Construction continuing to deliver the expertise which builds on the ninety plus years of building knowledge and experience.

The fourth generation have already been put to work!